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Montessori at Sandy Ford
      Montessori at Sandy Ford    


Lasting Labyrinths
       M. E. "Beth" Langley


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This labyrinth was in the planning stage a long time.  It was designed for Montessori at Sandy Ford for my good friend and boss, Mary Helen Cline.  The labyrinth is a variation of the Labyrinth of Wisdom from the Celestial Labyrinths by Adrian Kezele of Croatia.  The design includes elements that symbolize the sun flower, which is a part of the school's logo.  One of the parents at the school, Edwin Dennis  produced a video of the building of the labyrinth that includes lots of time lapse photography.  I'll include a link to that rather than lots of photos.  Thank you Edwin!.


Can you see the Sun Flower?

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Video Here!


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