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Clay-Platte Montessori
Man in the Maze, October 2008
Lasting Labyrinths
M. E. "Beth" Langley


Beth Langley was introduced to labyrinths about fifteen years ago, and began studying them through books, internet research, walking them, and participating in workshops.  Soon this calling from the labyrinth became practically an obsession, and much of her time is now spent on all things labyrinthine. Designing labyrinths and classroom materials for exploring labyrinths has become a favorite means of creative expression.  Beth truly enjoys sharing her passion for labyrinths with anyone who is interested to know more.

Her workshops presentations at Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) Conferences and International Montessori Council (IMC) Conferences are always well received.  For several years she has led groups as they experienced labyrinths in South Carolina, Florida, California, Missouri, Mexico, and Croatia. She has had the opportunity to spend time at several schools (Montessori and conventional, public and private), working with the students and staff for special projects involving labyrinths.  Many of the schools, including Five Oaks Academy in Simpsonville, SC and Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC,  Clay-Platte Montessori School, in Kansas City, MO, Little Heart Montessori School in Zagreb, Croatia,  and Colegio Montessori Quetzalli, in Puebla, Mexico now have labyrinths designed and installed by her with the help of students, staff, and volunteers.

Private groups have also had Beth’s introduction to labyrinths presentation during retreats or meetings, and experienced labyrinth activities for personal growth and awareness.  One private home in South Carolina is the site of another of her permanent installations.

Beth has a BA from Columbia College and holds a certificate from MEPI at the Early Childhood level.  She has served on the boards of MEPI, the South Carolina Montessori Alliance (SCMA) and other non-profit organizations.  She is a member of The Labyrinth Society, (TLS) an international organization whose mission is to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation. She serves as a regional representative for TLS for several states in the southeast.  Beth is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator.

Beth’s position as Executive Coordinator at the Institute for Guided Studies, (IGS) a Montessori teacher education organization, allows flexibility in her schedule permitting her to attend conferences, visit schools, and enjoy other activities sharing her passion for labyrinths.   IGS serves schools and individuals providing Montessori teacher education and consulting SC, MO, GA, UT, and other locations around the globe.  The office of IGS is located on the campus of The Montessori School of Camden, an authentic Montessori school serving children ages eighteen months through twelve years.



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