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The Pelican's Eye offers Clarity and Insight
  The Pelican Labyrinth
Lasting Labyrinths
M. E. "Beth" Langley
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The Pelican Labyrinth is at the home of Nikki Exelbert in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.
Nikki offers instruction in Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence and More.
Contact Nikki for more information.

The Pelican is a special symbol, offering clarity, insight, and strength.  Pelican rises above adversity and is a symbol of unselfishness and community.

Pelicans are Buoyant and Brave.

Nikki and "She She"

The Prepared "canvas" and the Plan

The ton of rocks was put in place by Nikki, Beth, and volunteers, including a few Montessori teachers who really rock!

Take a deep breath before beginning, Let Go of fear, the past, anything that is weighing you down.  At the center, Listen for messages, insights, whispers from Spirit.  As you return to the beginning, remember that Love is the greatest power.  As you exit the labyrinth, be prepared to Live your life, grounded, refreshed, renewed, with energy and wisdom.

The view as you exit, the completed Pelican, and our buried treasures.
Trust the Path.



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